EXTRA SMALL $294 $374 $477 $118 $194
SMALL $315 $402 $510 $118 $202
MEDIUM $382 $505 $646 $118 $240
LARGE $439 $587 $752 $118 $276

*Celestrium™ is a silver-colored metal similar to stainless steel. A Celestrium™ ring is $59.00 with purchase of a gold Brass Rat. The Celestrium™ ring must be ordered at the same time as the gold ring, for the same person, and be the same style and size.

**Imperium™ is a pale gold metal consisting of 20% gold, silver and other alloys.

Cherry Ring Box

With Gold Ring
With CE or IMP
Cherry Wood Ring Box

MIT 2011 Ring Pricing Includes:

  • Inside engraving in either script or block lettering
  • Choice of yellow or white gold
  • Choice of ring finish on Gold and Imperium rings
  • Lifetime warranty, free resizing, Loss Protection Plan

Payment Options

Wear as you pay: Payments made with MasterCard, Visa, American Express or Discover may enjoy a "Time Payment." Leave at least $75 deposit when you place your order. The remaining balance owed is then divided into equal payments (up to six) and billed at 30-day intervals.

Cash on delivery: Leave a $25 deposit when you place your order. The balance remaining is paid upon delivery of your ring (cash, credit card, personal checks, or money orders made payable to Balfour are accepted).

Pay in full: Pay with cash, money order, check (made payable to Balfour), or credit card (MC, Visa, AmEx, or Discover).