Your Class Council

Who are we?

Here are biographies and photos of the 2011 class council:

Anshul Bhagi Anshul Bhagi
Major: Computer Science
Favorite Animal: Squirrel
Lulu Wang
Lulu Wang
Vice President
Major: Brain & Cognitive Sciences
Favorite Animal: Charlie the Unicorn
Sivakami Sambasivam
Sivakami Sambasivam

Major: Biological Engineering
Favorite Animal: Koala Bear
Sojung Lee Treasurer
Major: Materials Science Engineering, Economics
Favorite Animal: Fox
May LiuMay Liu
Co-Publicity Chair

Major: Mathematics, Music
Favorite Animal: Jellyfish
Sheena BhallaSheena Bhalla
Co-Publicity Chair

Major: Brain & Cognitive Sciences
Favorite Animal: Giraffe
Jeff ZhaoJeff Zhao
Co-Social Chair

Major: Economics, Management
Favorite Animal: Anteater
Emma RosenEmma Rosen
Co-Social Chair

Major: Economics
Favorite Animal: Dog

What do we do?

The 2011 Class Council is a group of eight students, elected at the end of the 08-09 school year to represent the interests of the entire class. We accept this responsibility with great enthusiasm, and meet once a week to plan events and make decisions that will affect the members of our class.

Our primary motive is to facilitate the formation of a more united class, one that is not divided by the diversity of groups and people on campus, but strengthened by it–a class where students from all parts of campus are able to come together and share their differences and their pride.

As we meet every week to plan these events and make these decisions, we strive for transparency. We want you to know what we are thinking, and we want to know what you are thinking. To achieve this, throughout the year, we will put out a number of surveys and polls, through this website and also through the events that we plan, and we would love to hear your input.

In addition, we hope that you will use this website to stay connected with us–our meeting agendas and minutes (notes from the meeting), as well as information about upcoming events can be found on this site. And of course, please feel free to reach us at any time with ideas or comments at